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Tomorrow, Apple to announce new products at NAB

Apr. 14th, 2007 13:17 by Permalink | TrackBack: — exists for 12 years & a month ago — — Sorry, this content is not available in english.

The NAB event will open tomorrow in Las Vegas, and Apple will make announcements related to their video-related line-up of products.

Apple should announce:

  • The new version 6 of Final Cut Pro, which should feature 64-bit support (G5, Core Duo 2 & Intel Xeon), unleashing more power to video editing.
  • A brand new hi-end product, Cut Extreme which is intended to support hi resolutions (4k & 2540p); according to MacRumors this product should be assited by extremely powerful hardware powered by CELL processors (the same as for the PlayStation 3). Those cards are designed to fit into the brand new Mac Pro .
  • In addition, Apple should annouce long-rumored new cinema displays. Those displays should support very high defintions of 4+k pixels width.

Finally, ThinkSecret claims that a Mac Book Pro 17" update should enable users to natively support HD-video editing.

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