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Inquisitor: Speed up your seaching in Safari

4月. 30th, 2007 07:00 由 (translated by sdeluca) — Permalink | TrackBack: — exists for 11 years & 9 months前 — — 抱歉,这个内容不是可利用的用中文。

Inquisitor is a Safari plugin which streamlines your searching mostly like Google Suggest with the difference that it does so straight from the search bar!

I have been using this extension for long now, proving it so useful that I can't imagine browsing without it. Inquisitor can be set up from Safari preferences to use any search engine. In addition, you'll be amazed by it's great black-looking window...

Frankly, MAC OS X has this bunch of great applications, and Inquisitor is greatly worth using.

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