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Hottest 3d games now on your Mac: Get ready for a Quake 4 LAN party

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The new Parallels version 3 has been announced by SWsoft today; the launch special offer cuts 50% off the price at $39.99 US.

This version offers more than 50 improvement and new features in order to make Windows applications run seamlessly on your Mac OS X environment. One of the most remarkable one is the support of harware accelerated 3D. You'll then play Quake 4 with no limit.

Others main improvements are as follows:

  • Bulletproof your VM from viruses, system crashes, and malware
  • Run today's most popular games & applications on a Mac
  • Browse through Windows folders, without launching Windows
  • USB 2.0 full support

Don't miss the offer, act before 6 june 2007, get to Parallels site now.

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