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Safari fo Windows: More than one million downloads...

6月. 15th, 2007 00:00 由 (translated by sdeluca) — Permalink | TrackBack: — updated on 6月. 23rd, 2007 20:02 exists for 11 years & 8 months前 — — 抱歉,这个内容不是可利用的用中文。 - only 2 days!

The figure has been confirmed officially by Apple today.

Safari for Windows debuts also received its first update after only 2 days -- which I believe is not a good new, is it? This update fixes some security and stability issues.

Available for both Windows XP and Vista, Safari is said to be twice faster than Internet Explorer 7 and 1.6 times faster than FireFox 2.

Users' feedbacks are not very good. They faced installation issues.

Apple did not use to release products with an insufficient level of quality. Note that this is a beta version though.

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